From the man who told you "Your Brain Is Out To Screw You!" comes the one-of-a-kind follow up that will tell you the real meaning of the word SEX. Discover why women are not the source of any man’s troubles. Learn what really is, and what to finally do about it. Because of this book men will be able to understand women like never before. Women will understand why it hasn't happened yet. Steve Pronger is the everyday forgotten man's champion of the brain.

When you quiet the brain amazing things can happen!

Let me show you how.

Let me show you how to truly listen. 

A seriously useful book, written with great humour, and with great patience (for us men to absorb), it spoon feeds you the steps needed by us men to turn our thinking and life around. I only wish I had read this book many years ago. I have the kindle version but would highly recommend the printed paper copy for referring back to easily. Now I know why (I used to) only open my mouth to change feet. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series `Her Brain Is Out To Screw You!'

...Robin H. United Kingdom