​​​When you quiet the brain amazing things can happen


​​You know you have thought about it. You have asked the question so, so many times…“What is wrong with them?” Then you just stare off into silence and hope for the answer. The answer to the world’s most often asked question. Well now you shall have it, This Is What’s Wrong With Them.

From the time our ancient ancestors first stood up straight, we have all wondered about the other guy. And no matter what you may think, the other guy has been wondering the same about you. This Is What’s Wrong With Them takes the world’s most thought of, most often asked question and answers it in a way only you can understand. Why are we exposed to so much excuse, blame, opinion and prediction? What does it mean to be pre-referenced? How do we become swept up in the Cyclone of Fear? 

There is no denying it. You have felt it. You have thought it. There is truly something wrong with them. But there is also something you can do about it. They no longer have to affect you the way they do. What you will discover in this book will profoundly change the way you look at and think about those around you. Consider yourself fortunate – You will be told, This Is What’s Wrong With Them. 

This Is What's Wrong With Them:

The Answer to the World's Most Often Asked Question

is available now!