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​​​​​​So You're A Night Thinker: Calm Your-Self

Check back for the release date of my new book later this summer. Amazing things can happen when you quiet the brain​ 

Fantastic read! These are things that I wish more people would know, and it would make the world a better place.

Melody V., 5 STAR Review

Steve Pronger is the author of three books including his latest work, This Is What's Wrong With Them: The Answer to the World's Most Often Asked Question. His other books include his debut offering Your Brain Is Out To Screw You! - The Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing and the one-of-a-kind satirical follow-up Her Brain Is Out To Screw You! - The Men's Guide To Sex or Not Sex. 

Steve is a certified high-performance coach that has coached competitive sport at the University, amateur and professional levels. He is the Director of Coaching, Player and Team Development for Burlington Minor Hockey (BLOMHA) and an NCCP Facilitator / Instructor for the Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario.

Join him as he takes high-performance mental training tactics and techniques and applies them to the brain of the everyday forgotten person. Find out more about Steve and how he can lift your spirit and help quiet your brain at

Steve is the everyday forgotten person's champion of the brain. Follow him on Twitter @StevePronger and on Facebook